Wakulla 25 Apr 2011

"..... I was pleased with the results from the
XK2 and the additional hours of experience using them in the WKPP. I like the new Power Plus Handle. I also was pleased to see 45% SOC on the first XK2 unit we used from the entrance to 12,000ft towing 2 stages, stage RB80 and 3 scooters. I was using the #5 position instead of #6. It was also more comfortable to ride at this speed and the pace of the dive was good. I was most impressed with the XK2 unit we used on the exit. We were both towing 6 scooters, 3 stages and the stage RB80 from 12,000ft to 5,000ft. Towing 6 scooters has never been tried before and the XK2 units did well. The power was impressive and there were no signs of overheating. We left many of the scooters at 5,000ft and exited towing only 3 scooters to the entrance. The SOC on that unit was 35% - very impressive...."

Casey McKinlay
Project Director
Woodville Karst Plain Project