-Exploration and Fun with the SUEX XK1-

By Christophe Le Maillot

SUEX has grown over the years to become one of the most respected names in the diving industry. Combining the use of the latest technology with practical and innovative features, SUEX has become a prime choice for the diver electing to purchase a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle).

For many years, the SUEX ADV33 has been the "work horse" in the forefront of exploration efforts for the Mexican Cave Exploration Project (MCEP) both in the Ox Bel Ha and Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve cave systems. This reliable and performing DPV has contributed to the successful exploration of dozens of kilometers of new passageways.

This summer, one of their latest model the XK1 was used by the Karst Odyssey team in Bosnia and Herzegovina to help push cave exploration limits in the most remote corners of the Dinaric Alps.

This compact model (only weights 25kg) made of Tecnopolymer/Aluminum has provided divers with an effective mean to travel through these rugged underwater caves.

The LI-ion battery pack guarantees 300 minutes of run time at cruising speed for a range of 13.5 kms. Speed adjustment, radial O-ring seal (makes scooter neutrally buoyant at any depth within the operational depth), Proplock propeller (possibility of removing propeller even underwater without tools) and N-handdle (with cruise control) are just great inventions made by divers for divers.

With good maneuver ability and extended range, the XK1 is becoming an essential part of any serious exploration efforts around the world. Its great versatility makes it a superb choice whether one dives caves or ocean.