Michele Tomasi

SUEX and Michele Tomasi
Dynamic Freediving Record 462mt (1516feet)

 Praia a Mare 06/16/2008

Michele Tomasi: 2008 World Champion in Dynamic Freediving for the second year has secured his position using the Zeuxo ADV42.

Last year in Caldonazzo Lake reched 378,8mt (1243ft) with 3'59"87 breatholding time. This year in Praia a Mare (Calabria-Italy) reached the incredible distance of 462mt (1516feet) while breatholding.



The scooter was “made to measure” for this extreme performance capable to reach the speed over 110mt/min (330ft/min).
 «The scooter provided by SUEX was perfect underwater both for the buoyancy, trim and reliability. Also the technical assistance from Marco Segatto and Alessandro Fenu was a very important “plus”.
Tomasi appreciated the latest Suex projects in the recreational market : “I tested some recreational Suex models that make the dive enjoyable and relaxing for every diver”