Karst Odyssey Team


Karst Odyssey Team is a non-profit group dedicated to underwater cave exploration. The team's research and exploration focuses at the area of Dinaric Karst belt streching through the Balkans peninsula. The team consists of explorers from all around the world, with team members participating from as far as Mexico and UK.

The extended team consists of:

Boris Trninic - Project Director, Surface Video
Renato Raseta - Project Coordinator, Exploration Diver, Underwater Video, UW Photography, Survey
Christophe Le Maillot - Exploration Diver, Survey
Hugh Reid - Exploration Diver, Survey
Bob Cooper - Exploration Diver, Survey
Dusan Milosevic - Project Photographer and Support Diver
Dr Jeremy Kent - Exploration Diver, Underwater Photography, Survey
Richard Walker - Exploration Diver, Underwater Video
Branislav Radevic - Support Diver, Logistics
Drago Teinovic - Safety Officer, Support Diver
Sasa Borjanovic - Webmaster and Support Diver
Momir Majkic - Suface Manager
Anes Halkic - Logistics
Fred Devos - Exploration Diver, Survey, Cave Cartography
Emir Memic - Support Diver
Esad Humo - Logistics
Andrea Marassich - Exploration Diver, Survey

The team's efforts in the last four years have been focused on the karst region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is a small country (51 129 km2) in the mid-western Balkans. Most of the country is mountainous with over 40% of the area in the karst regions of Dinaride mountain range which is stretching in general direction Northwest-Southeast in the southern part of the country, mostly in Herzegovina. As a result rather complicated underground connections are found there. Many creaks, small streams and even rivers are disappearing in sinkholes and reappearing with another name in the springs on a lower altitude. The rivers of B&H belong to either Black Sea (Danube) catchment or Adriatic Sea catchment. Most of the rivers in the karstic region drain towards Adriatic Sea.