MCEP Science week




Science week in Sistema Ox Bel Ha December 3 to 8 2012
By Chris Le Maillot

Since 2006, the Mexico Cave Exploration Project (MCEP)
has supported scientific efforts in caves
around the Riviera Maya of Mexico.

The objectives this year was to provide Dr Eduard Reinhardt
and his team with logistics and diving support for
his on-going research on foraminifera.
These specimens are found in abundance in sediment,
and are useful in reconstructing past environment,
and how they changed through time.

The team of 18 divers completed most of the diving
in Sistema Ox Bel Ha using SUEX XK1 and ADV33 DPVs.
These scooters have once again performed faultlessly
during the week long project.
Over the years, SUEX DPVs have become a key
component of successful projects conducted by the MCEP.