On behalf of myself and DivingMexico's ATI Exploration Team I would really want to thank Suex and specifically Casey McKinlay for all the help and for the wonderful XK units we dive daily. Two years ago, when we started the exploration of the Ixtlan Cave System in the Yucatan, things were moving slowly. Although we own the cenote and control the access to the whole system and had all the resources and time to do daily dives, the progressively longer bottom times proved to be very tiring for all the team members. We had to make the difficult decision whether to invest heavily in scooters, or just stop the exploration at the level it was then, since it was, and still is, a single entrance system. I am very glad that we decided to acquire four Suex units, as they proved to be indispensable and indestructible, and took our exploration dives to a completely new level. The cave doubled in size in very short period of time and recently passed the 10 kilometer mark. At this time the limit of what we can do with the extended range is still not in sight.

These days a dive which required two stages before can be done with careful planning with no stages at all, and without compromising comfort or safety. In fact, if anything, the scooters make our dives much safer. When we do scooter stage dives, at the depths we explore the ranges of operation become amazing. 5 hour exploration dives are not uncommon for us these days and the level of comfort and safety while doing these is still very high. Reliability wise, we have not encountered a single problem, in the water or out. Two of the scooters required the emergency bypass to be changed due to a bad batch, but Suex dealt with this with such efficiency that there was not even downtime for us - the switches were exchanged in ZG immediately and it took half an hour each. During this time I had the chance to examine my fully disassembled unit and was very pleased by what I saw. These machines are surely built to last, with very clever design and much thought put into the tiny details that often prove so important. Other popular units which are often used in cave diving and also have good reliability record truly look like toys in comparison. I didn't even mention the amazing battery life... but this will get too long. Thank you Suex for the wonderful equipment! Ivo