Asian Karst Exploration Project

Over the past two years the caves AKEP is exploring in the Philippines started to become too deep or too long to reasonably swim. The solution was to start using scooters and the choice of which DPV to bring into the project was not difficult. AKEP members had excellent experience with Suex DPV's (ADV33, XK1, Xjoy14, 37) outside of the Project and this made their adoption by AKEP the natural choice.

The scooters Suex have engineered have proven extremely durable and reliable - two attributes that AKEP requires considering the remote locations of the exploration projects. Being transported 700Km one-way over rough roads followed by several successive days of being carried through the jungle to and from dive sites have yet to cause any problems with the XJoy units the Project uses.

The easily portable size and power of the XJoy 14 and 37's are perfect a perfect combination for the conditions of the AKEP. Dives in the Project are typically done on multiple stage OC or RB80 rebreathers and the scooters have the capacity to consistently pull the required loads. Additionally, the long burn times of the Li-ion units provide the option to leave them in the cave without needing to recharge after certain dives. A big help in reducing the daily load carried to and from the dive sites. The battery SOC meter is a great tool to allow for a quick decision on charging requirements while on site.

AKEP considers Suex scooters important tools in successfully executing dives exploring and mapping some of the longest caves in S.E. Asia.